10 Dec

Athletics in Guernsey in 2023 – What we want the next ten years to look like for the GIAAC

 A few weeks ago we commenced our consultation regarding the future of Guernsey athletics over the next ten years. We have received responses from all sectors of the club and before Christmas we will organize meetings with colts, juniors and coaches to discuss the future shape of Guernsey and to elicit views of the future of the club.

To give some structure to responses we are asking colleagues to complete a brief survey on the club – it really should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

The areas we want to consider are:
Our club – and how we would develop our various sectors such as colts, juniors, and the senior ‘elite’ section.
Our club representation – and how we could develop our elite athletes to compete nationally and internationally and increasing the number of athletes who compete off-island.
Our events – and how we would develop the many events that we already hold.
Our organisation – and how we should develop our coaching and official structures and organise the structures of the club (aspects such as staff, funds and Footes Lane) to be most effective in supporting our future plans.

All responses will be confidential and anonymous.

We welcome as many responses as possible from club members – so, if this has gone to a family address please invite everyone – young and old alike to complete.

 The survey address is:

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