25 Feb

GIAAC development plan 2014-2024

I am pleased to attach a copy of the 10 year GIAAC development plan 2014-2024. I also attach a summary of our aims.

Many thanks to everyone for their input. It really was a team effort involving athletes, coaches, parents and supporters. The development plan will give us the framework to prosper over the next decade.

The following five actions are considered the priority areas of development for the Club:

i.              To increase the number of coaches so that we have a proportion of ten athletes per coach.  – Currently 400 athletes  – therefore we need 40 coaches

ii.             To develop the senior track and field section of the club so that it is comparable to a Division 3 Standard National club

iii.            To retain more (athletes) colts/ juniors in the club for 5 years+

iv.           Work with the Culture and Leisure Department to ensure that Footes Lane remains a high-standard athletics venue capable of hosting an island Games in 2020’s

v.            Embrace and develop the principles of establishing a growth mindset across all club sections

We would welcome any comments/ feedback regarding the plan.

Yours in sport

Alun Williams

President – GIAAC

Development plan 2014-2024
Development plan 2014-2024
GIAAC plan 2014 - 2024 Brief.pdf
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Development Plan final
Development Plan final
GIAAC Development plan 2014 reportfinal.pdf
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