KPMG Easter 4 x 2m Relay

Pre race favourites St. Mary’s lived up to their billing with a comfortable relay win anchored by Chris Rooke who posted the fasted time of the day with 10 minutes 35 seconds. Led off by Dan Woodgate(10:36), Tom Mead(11:07) and Gwynant Jones(10:53) the team was never headed and they come home with a 400m Margin over Guernsey’s A squad. (Dave Emery 11:09, Tristan Robilliard 11:35, Will Bodkin 10:47 and Mike Batiste 11:05)


GIAAC’s strong senior women’s team Louise Perrio 12:03, Nat Whitty 12:10, Sarah Mercier 11:46 and Nikki Neal 12:46 were in a great race for third place but had to ultimately yield to the young Sarnian U17 squad of Ed Mason 11:34,  Dan Galpin 12:20, Richard Bartram 12:23 and Chris Way 12:03.

It was one of the largest ever Easter relay entries and the field was bolstered by the Harnden Family’s 7 teams to celebrate grandfather and great grandfathers Ron Harnden’s 80th Birthday. Ron anchored his team home ….and for the record posted 193rd of the 194 individual times.

2014 KPMG Easter Relay Team Results 20th April 2014
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2014 KPMG Easter Relay Individual Times 20th April 2014
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