A note from the President: Arrangements for Autumn/ Winter training and events

As the track and field season draws to a close I’m pleased to update everyone on arrangements for the winter season. As always we will be looking to put together a programme of road and cross country events as well as ensuring that track and field training for all ages continues. Within the next few days we plan to circulate our fixtures for Winter 2014/ Spring 2015 and announce our track and field fixtures for 2015. We will also identify the key off-island events that will be targeted by the club.

As you all know Josh will be leaving us at the end of the month. The GIAAC board will ensure that the momentum that has been built up by Josh is not lost  – especially as we target the Island Games in Jersey in 2015. For that reason I am pleased to announce that Ingy has agreed to support the club for a five month period through to February 2015. He will take on a part-time role as club development officer for that fixed period.  The Board will then look to make a permanent appointment in time for the 2015 track and field season.

Ingy will focus on two aspects:  Developing our coaching structure and opportunities for coach education.

We are still finalising details but we will call a Coaches meeting towards the end of September when we will share our plans – before then Ingy will try to speak to all coaches to find out what are their requirements/ views on how we can best support our coaches.  Can we take this opportunity to invite any parents/ athletes who are interested in coaching to speak to Ingy so that we can look at how we can work with you. Having been involved with the club for thirty years in all aspects can I just reassure everyone that coaching is great fun – you are well-supported and get great pleasure in working with our athletes.

Alun Williams
President GIAAC

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