FNB XC Race 4 – Home Farm

The penultimate event in the 2014/15 five race series proved to be Dave Emery’s race but heralded Mike Wilesmith’s championship.

Ed Mason had tracked the duo for the first few laps but was forced to retire just after halfway with a recurring back problem leaving a 2 man race.  Emery always appeared to be taking the initiative and broke clear in the final two laps with a trademark long run for home to cross the line 50m of Wilesmith in 35 minutes 43 seconds.

Dan Galpin ran a well paced race to overtake Matt Loveridge in the final three miles and but was forced to hang on for a hard earned 3rd place as Loveridge ran strongly over the final lap.

Wilesmith’s performances over the opening four races mean he has already secured the FNB series title, repeating his victory of 2012. The series winner can afford a double celebration as wife Kate gave birth to their first child Rowan on the eve of the race.

Louise Perrio took advantage of the absence of both Nat Whitty and Sarah Mercier to finish top woman in the 4 mile event. Perrio was 4th overall behind the leading junior trio of Richard Bartram, Alex Rowe and Sammy Galpin.  Sammy & Dan’s father Sean made it a good day for the Galpin family with a 5th placing.


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Dec06FNB4 Xls
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Divisional tables

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Xcleagtable1415after4 Xls
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