FNB XC Race 4 – Stonecrusher roundup&results

FNB XC Race 4 – Stonecrusher roundup&results
16 Jan

Matt Loveridge (241 in Phil Nicolle’s image) continued his rich vein of  form to ease to his first FNB XC victory in the 4th race of the FNB series, a 6 mile race held over three laps of the Stonecrusher course.

County selection beckons for Loveridge who was a superb ninth place in last week’s Hants Championship but here he ran a measured race to break clear of a tight group within the last two miles for a 24 second victory over Dave Emery and Dan Galpin.   Ed Mason, who looked the most likely to challenge Loveridge pulled out in the closing stages after sharing the lead with a lap remaining.

Sarah Mercier was again dominant in the 2 lap/4 mile event but Louise Perrio showed a return to form to finish 200 m behind the county medallist. They were split by seventeen year old middle distance specialist Richard Bartram who had one of his ever best cross country races to mix up the division two standings.

Sam Culverwell tracked the leading group before peeling off the win the Division Four and Five  3.2 mile event with Mikey Ingrouille second whilst Chris Bain won the two mile event from first girl Eliza Mason.


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Updated Tables 

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Thanks to Marshalls:- Rebecca Sherrington, Nat Whitty & Carl Holden.

Finish Recorders:- Hazel Solway, Chris O’Neill, Gareth O’Neill and Martine Scholes.

Catering :- Gina Rowe, Alan Rowe & Pete Wickins.

Course Setup:- Phil Nicolle, Mel Nicolle, Chantal Green, Ed Mason, Tricky Robilliard, Ray Scholes, Louise Perrio, Jim De Garis, Mikey Ingrouille

Thanks again to Phil Nicolle for images.

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