Lee Merrien/GIAAC Saumarez Park 5k – July

Lee Merrien/GIAAC Saumarez Park 5k – July
01 Aug

Josh Lewis took the race by the scruff of the neck and led from start to finish. After several island games appearances in swimming Lewis signalled his  standing as a triathlete with a podium placing earlier this month in the Jersey triathlon and here he showed his running strength with a gun tap tape victory in 17 minutes 8 seconds.

After a considered start Ben Wilen ran well for second and dropped James de Garis with a strong closing lap as he narrowed the margin on Lewis  Fast improving James Priest ran a personal best of 17 minutes 43 secfor third.

Chantal Green has had a strong summer and is consistently posting fast times this time she was just outside her Park5km best for first women in 19 min 43 sec. Emily Bookless was second.

James Goubert led in the younger juniors, just edging brother George out for victory in the 1 lap/1.25km  event but Jack Le Tissier was arguably the strongest junior on show with an excellent clocking of   9 minutes 37 for the 2.5km event.

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