PwC Cliff Path race 2 – 8 Miles

PwC Cliff Path race 2 – 8 Miles
04 Sep

There were no mistakes this time as Tiaan Erwee flew round the 8 mile Icart – Fermain – Icart Course for a clear win.

Image “Get in order lads” . Only 400m has been run but the top 5 already strung out in finishing order. Tiaan Erwee,  Esmond Brown, Jim De Garis, Luke Richards, Jerym Brunton.

Nikki Neal(4) edged Laura McCarthy(18) in the battle for top woman.   (images Phil Nicolle, words Jamie Ingrouille).

The Second race of PWC cliffpath series saw the introduction of a highly technical 8-mile loop, covering much of the same ground as the ever-popular Icart Loop but taking in additional lanes and cliffpaths on either side of Jerbourg road. The course saw runners descending several long sections of steps while the ascents were mostly made up of continuous slopes.

Race favourite Tiaan Erwee took his place early on, in a breakaway group of five runners. Erwee did not disappoint, running a dominant race to create a considerable margin on second-placed Esmond Brown. Erwee finished in 58:37 to Brown’s 60:22, making up a lot of the ground he lost due to a navigational error in the previous race. James De Garis pulled away from his pursuers in the second half to secure third place, finishing in 64:43.

The women’s race was more evenly contested, with Laura McCarthy and Nikki Neal neck-and-neck for most of the race. Eventual winner Neal made a breakaway on the infamous Saint’s steps to finish in 71:39. McCarthy lost a few seconds after an accidental detour at the top of Saint’s, but her time of 72:43 was far clear of third woman. The pair will likely see close competition throughout the series.

The new course was enjoyed by many. Esmond Brown praised its unique construction and the resulting effect on race tactics, stating that ‘it was good to have a new course as if you know the course, you pace yourself much better’. The ground was a little slippery owing to last night’s rain but this may have played into the hands of confident cliff runners. The next race of the series, a 10-miler from Pleinmont(Imperial Hotel) to Icart, takes place on September 18th.

Credit & thanks to Organisers & Helpers : including but not restricted to. J-P Mace, Debbi Stokes, Ray Scholes, Roger Naftel, Chris Dorey, Dave Watson.

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