Chertsey House Imperial 10

Chertsey House Imperial 10
26 Feb

Dave Emery stormed off the line and led all the way but had to hold off a late charge from Carl Holden to win the Chertsey  House “Imperial 10” in 56 minutes 40 seconds. (images Phil Nicolle).

Teenage middle distance athlete Ed Mason was a surprise entrant in a large 100-strong field but never got near the front as Emery ran strongly on the opening climb between the Imperial Hotel start line and Torteval Church and quickly built a substantial margin.

At halfway Emery had a commanding lead over Holden but when they came view in the final mile Holden had pegged back the long time leader and ultimately crossed the line just 18 seconds in arrears. Holden was an agonising 8 seconds outside his target of an island games development standard time(56:50).

Louise Perrio finished 5th overall in 61 minutes 41 seconds to clock up a record 8th ladies title and looked to be in the chase for the minor overall placings until she was hit by a stitch after halfway.  Behind Perrio 2016 Guernsey Half Marathon and Marathon winner Ulrike Maisch  ran strongly to cross the line 7th overall in 62 minutes 37 seconds.

The largest ever field for this event was bolstered by a particularly strong women’s entry and both  Perrio and Maisch clocked island games ‘A’ standard times. 15th overall and third placed woman Jenny James was within the Development standard with her 65 minute 21 second personal best as was Laura McCarthy who was just over a minute behind in 19th overall.

Maisch improved her position in the course all time list(below) whilst James and McCarthy gain listings for the first time.

Sean Galpin has a habit of featuring in the age graded results(which are expressed as a percentage of the relevant age world record) but had to fall in line behind the leading women, this time Ulrike Maisch finished top, Ulrike may be a veteran athlete now but has the pedigree of being a former European Marathon Champion,  Louise Perrio was second.

Full Results:-

ChertseyImperial10 - Feb Xls
ChertseyImperial10 - Feb Xls
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Age graded Results:- 

ChertseyImperial10AG - Feb Xls
ChertseyImperial10AG - Feb Xls
126.6 KiB

10m Imperial Loop – All Time – Men’s Top 10  (after event 26-Feb-17)
1 50:40 Lee Merrien 14-Feb-16
2 51:40 Steve Dawes 23-Jan-11
3 53:14 Richard Friedrich 08-Feb-15
4 53:28 Michael Wilesmith 08-Feb-15
5 55:30 David Dyke 28-Jan-07
6 55:33 David Emery 08-Feb-15
7 56:02 David Holmes 28-Jan-07
8 56:52 Seb Foy 23-Jan-11
9 56:58 Carl Holden 26-Feb-17
10 57:16 Ronan Shally 25-Jan-09
10m Imperial Loop – All Time Women’s Top 10
1 59:32 Louise Perrio 20-Jan-13
2 61:40 Sarah Mercier 14-Feb-16
3 61:53 Martine Scholes 28-Jan-07
4 62:37 Ulrike Maisch 14-Feb-16
5 64:50 Nikki Neal 23-Jan-11
6 64:56 Rebecca Le Maitre 08-Feb-15
7 65:14 Katrine Thomson 25-Jan-09
8 65:21 Jenny James 26-Feb-17
9 66:35 Laura McCarthy 26-Feb-17
10 66:47 Kerry Robin 23-Jan-11
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