Church to Church run

Church to Church run
23 Mar

Stuart Le Noury was the first of 18 runners across the line in the annual 19.4 Church to Church run.  The event is used by many as a pre-marathon race practice and additional number of runners ran part of the route within their preparations.

Le Noury is no stranger to the route as he has raced the (even) more traditional race walk on many occasions. His time of 2hrs 16min was just over an hour quicker than the last time he race walked the route.      First woman home was Mel Nicolle, a regular racer over shorter distances who is preparing for a marathon later in the year.

A big thank you to main organiser Stuart Mosley and other helpers Alun Williams and Bryan O’Meara.

Stuart Le Noury 2.16.00
Jos Ensink 2.35.51
Chris Roughsedge 2.36.45
Javan Isabelle 2.42.48
Stuart Kirkland 2.47.56
Jon Press 2.51.21
Mel Nicolle 2.51.59
Stuart Kerrigan 2.53.57
Rob Hagerman 2.59.16
Emily Le Prevost 3.03.03
Bryan O’Meara 3.03.36
L Guilbert 3.13.26
Rosie Williams 3.19.23
Tess Murphy 3.25.14
Mark Haggarty 3.28.16
Jeanne Svejstrup 3.29.01
Andy Walker 3.39.34
Alun Williams 3.50.48



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