Commonwealth Games athlete consultation process

Commonwealth Games athlete consultation process
08 May

Guernsey Athletics are implementing a consultation process for athletes who consider qualifying for the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast as a realistic and primary performance goal. Athletes will need to request a meeting to discuss the criteria for nomination.

The process and outcome in reaching the nomination criteria for the 2018 Commonwealth Games was difficult and complex. Therefore conditions of nomination will be kept between the club and potential Commonwealth Games athletes. The Guernsey Commonwealth Games Association (GCGA) agreed to allow Guernsey Athletics to devise “internal standards” to be used to establish which athletes would receive nomination. Athletes will be informed of the finer details of this during private meetings.The club recognises and acknowledges that once nominations are made, ultimate selection decisions will be made by the GCGA.

The meetings should be requested by email to and will be with Tom in his capacity of Athletics Development Officer and GCGA athletics delegate. A board member may also be present unless the athlete specifically requests a one-on-one meeting.

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