26 Jun

Gotland 2017 – Monday am session.

Chalmers & Wallbridge comfortably through but wind hampers sprints.

Sam Wallbridge (ht 1, 1st , 56.14)and Alastair Chalmers(ht 2, 1st, 58.53) both looked impressive in qualifying for this evening’s 400mHurdles final with  each having the luxury of easing back but still comfortably securing  key lanes for the final.

In the sprints Josh Allaway was also a semi final qualifier in 22.96 but Cayman islander Jamal Walton put a stake in the ground with his 21.77 Semi win. After qualifying through his heat last evening Games debutant Harry Burns went out at the semi stage with a 23.46 5th place.

All sprint times were hampered by strong headwinds measuring in the -4 to -5m/sec region and the young 100m contenders Vicky Mann & Abi Galpin went out at the semi stage. Abi missing out on a fastest losers spot by 5/100ths. A protest was put in by another island due to a  recall gun incident but the original result stands.

Full results here




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