02 Jan

New Year’s Day 4.75mile Cross Country

After helping mark the course earlier in the day it was perhaps fitting that junior runner Olly Blake was first across the line in the annual graded start(handicapped) new year’s  day cross country.  Summer Woodhead posted the fastest actual time over the 2.7 mile Half Course with 17:06.

Taking advantage of his 6 minute 15 second handicap Chris Bentley  was the first across the line in the 4.75 Mile senior race  and stopped the clock in  41 minutes 33 seconds with an actual time of 35 minutes 18 seconds. Next home were Brian Johnson (43:58 Clock time, HCap 4:00, Actual 39:58) and Patrick Cummins (44:53, 3:15, 41:38).

Further down the field Louise Perrio was fastest women with an actual time of 30 minutes 16 seconds whilst handicap back-marker Dan Galpin was fastest overall with 27 minutes 36 seconds and passed 34 people on the way to 91st place.

The field was a record for new year’s day with 20 Juniors competing the Half Course and 125 seniors criossing the line in the senior 4.75 Mile Full course.

This race was only able to go ahead with the help of numerous volunteers – thank you.

Image (Credit Keenan Butcher) Paul Gallienne , Ian Ozanne, Katie Watson and a trail of numerous others approach the finish line.

Results :-

NYD Results V3 (94.7 KiB, 540 downloads)

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