25 Feb

Guernsey Athletics – Formal update regarding Footes Lane developments this summer

From Tom Druce – Guernsey Athletics Development Officer – on behalf of the Board of Directors

Guernsey Athletics understands that there are many questions from our members as regards this summer’s arrangements following the recent announcement that the Footes Lane track is to be replaced in a significant and lengthy project this summer.

I would like to clarify the current situation and thank everyone for their patience whilst we work towards more concrete plans. Currently, the project is still in the extremely early stages – the go-ahead was only made official just over three weeks ago and the tender process that the States Education Sport & Culture Department are undertaking to hire a contractor is still very much ongoing. The dates of the project are in fact yet to be firmed up, given that the contractor will need to be in agreement with the proposed dates.

What is clear is that it is likely that we will be without a synthetic track for much of the summer and thus the Board of Directors will be supporting me in undertaking important decisions as to how we as a club continue to thrive and serve you as members during that time. This is in itself also a “project” in the context of my role and quite a unique task in the recent history of the athletics club. Our membership demographic is arguably the most vast of any sport on the island – thus there is not going to be one “solution” that suits everyone. In actual terms, this means there is not one venue that can serve everyone.

I and the Board will endeavour to update you all as soon as we can – as I have explained, we are still very early on in working towards solutions to suit everybody. We are bound to a large extent by ESC’s processes and we continue to work closely with them as they move forwards towards the summer.

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