02 Jan

NatWest International Island Games 2021 – Guernsey Athletics selection policy

Guernsey Athletics have released their selection policy for the forthcoming home edition of the NatWest International Island Games taking place in July 2021. The document can be viewed and downloaded HERE

Guernsey Athletics recognises the importance of a home edition of the NatWest International Island Games and has set a selection policy aimed at maximising medal chances in 2021. Therefore the A Standards are set at a level that will generally ensure at least a top 6 finish in all events. The B Standards are set at a level that will ensure that athletes will be “competitive” in every event. Any athlete can be selected on a B Standard, although development athletes will be prioritised. The Half Marathon B Standards are set in line with the concept of fielding a “team” in that event.

Athletics Development Officer Tom Druce noted the unique occasion of a home Games and its importance to top local athletes over the coming 18 months: “For many athletes this will be the highlight of their athletics careers and for others it can serve as a significant stepping stone onto genuinely high class athletics. Therefore the selection standards and procedure have been tweaked from previous editions to ensure that we serve those athletes as best we can in terms of making selection fair for them.”

He also expects the selection policy to serve as a motivating factor for a wide range of athletes over the next two summers:

“The secondary ‘B standard’ now serves as a selection route for any athlete as opposed to just development athletes, with the aim being to field a large competitive team on home soil. However, only athletes who achieve ‘A standards’ will earn the absolute right to selection [where the number of ‘A standard’ athletes does not exceed the number of places available], and the fact that many of these standards are increased from 2019 means they will serve as a significant carrot to many, many athletes over the coming two seasons.”

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