29 May

Covid-19 Update: Phase 4

Guidance for the Usage of Footes Lane for Training during Phase 4

Regulations regarding age of athletes returning to Club Training as of 30th May

Following lengthy discussions and in light of recent guidance from The States of Guernsey, Guernsey Athletics will execute a phased return to training activities over the coming weeks. Unfortunately, it will not be possible for any athletes who are UNDER 18 YEARS old to return to full group training. The States of Guernsey have made the following stipulation: Extra-curricular activities are not permitted at this stage, where these facilitate the mixing of children from various schools and/or year groups

This is disappointing for all of our junior athletes but has been put in place to protect them because of their return to full-time school at this same juncture.

At this time – the Club will endeavour to cater for athletes of school age Year 9 and above if at all possible within 1:1 coaching and/or small groups with athletes in the same school and same year. Please understand that this won’t always be achievable but we will do our best. Parents and athletes should take note of the new guidelines below. As things progress, we will formally review on a fortnightly basis with a view to welcoming back younger age groups when it becomes viable.

All athletes of 18 or above are permitted to return to group training activity as outlined below.

Regulations regarding number of people in the facility:

Maximum of THIRTY people (athletes, coaches, parents, etc) within the facility at once. This includes the Garenne Stand.

Maximum of FIVE different track sessions (i.e. five small groups) to be taking place at any one time. This does not include field event sessions (but field eventers are included within the overall capacity of thirty).

As per government guidelines, a record of attendance is a requirement for club activity. This will be kept by individual coaches or by the Athletics Development Officer (ADO). These will include name and contact number for each athlete and will be retained by Guernsey Athletics for 14 days. This is imperative in order to elicit a swift contact tracing process should it be required.

As it is no longer a requirement to exercise in separate pairs as per Phase 3, coaches and athletes are actively encouraged to communicate with other groups on the track regarding their sessions (this DOES NOT include school-attending athletes who must remain separated from each other), in order to work around each other and comfortably retain social distancing. However – different groups should still seek to “base” themselves (i.e. the location of their kit) in different areas of the track to help make social distancing more easily managed.

Training times

Due to stipulations on the maximum number of people at the venue, coaches/athletes wishing to train during peak times – 17:00-20:00 Tuesday/Thursday, 10:00-13:00 on weekends – will need to seek confirmation of availability from the ADO via email. During peak times (and potentially at other times too pending reaching max. capacity), no spectators/parents are permitted in the stadium.

Outside of peak times, but within the club’s daytime bookings established in Phase 3 – 11:00 onwards on Tues/Thurs – athletes can enter the track on a first-come-first served basis. However they will still be required to fill out a record of attendance with the ADO who will be on-site. Spectators/parents are permitted so long as the total number in the facility remains at 30 or less – they too need to fill out a record of attendance.

Regulations regarding social distancing and hygiene:

Social distancing of ONE METRE is required at ALL TIMES. This is ONE LANE gap between athletes, e.g. lanes 1, 3, 5 & 7

Hand sanitiser will be made available and athletes and coaches should use on arrival, during and post session.

Virabact surface cleaner will be made available and should be used on all equipment before and after use.

Only coaches are permitted to enter the store to collect equipment. Equipment will then be cleaned with Virabact prior to use. Athletes or coaches should then clean the equipment again following its use. Sharing of equipment is not permitted. (It should be noted that equipment includes everything from hurdles to starting blocks, from javelins to pit rakes.)

Regulations regarding indoor areas:

There will be toilets available for use. Vigilance is expected with regards to hand hygiene.

Changing rooms and the club room are NOT available for use by athletes. Athletes should arrive ready to train…train…and leave!

The ongoing review of regulations

The regulations and recommendations made above are up for immediate review at any time.

Guidance for athletes/parents – What to do next

In the first instance athletes should communicate with your personal coach and/or the ADO regarding returning to training. Some groups or individual athletes will be encouraged to train outside of peak times (17:00-20:00 Tues/Thurs; 10:00-13:00 weekends) where possible, in order to keep within the capacity of 30 people at Footes Lane. The ADO will work with coaches to ensure that capacity is not exceeded under any circumstances.

Senior endurance group sessions: Given the Virtual Challenge training taper, group sessions will commence formally w/c 8th June – full details will be given in due course. All group training taking place outside of Footes Lane will be taking place in an “uncontrolled environment” and as such social distancing of TWO METRES will be strictly required.

Parents of athletes under the age of 18: Please email the ADO or your child’s coach, and include your child’s school and school year within the email. We will endeavour to provide some form of training within the restrictions.

All athletes: Please do not simply turn up at normal training time unannounced. Communication with a coach or the ADO is mandatory for training within 17:00 and 20:00.

Athletes who wish to train outside of the following times should contact the ADO to discuss.

Tuesday/Thursday 11:00-20:00

Saturday/Sunday 10:00-13:00


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