FNB Cross Country Series

FNB Cross Country Series

Popular League based cross country event for runners of all standards.  4 races spread from October 2018 through to January 2019.  Runners split into divisions after race 2 to ensure good (friendly) but competitive running and racing through the field.   3 Races from 4 count towards league score – premium points for finale race.

Congratulations to overall Champions James Priest and Sarah Mercier and also to Divisional Champions Isaac Powers, Emily Squire(Bookless), Steven Marquire, Gina Rowe, Gian-Luca Robilliard and Summer Woodhead.

Final Table :-  

Xcleagtable1819 (130.0 KiB, 932 downloads)

Event Schedule and reports.

Oct 20th – Delancey (3m main field, 2m  U13B/U15G/U13G) – report

Nov 10th – StoneCrusher Short Loop (4m,3m & 2m Options) –  report

Dec 1st – Home Farm Compact Loop (6m, 5m, 3m Options) – report

Sunday Jan 20th – Finale – Footes Lane –  report.

Full 2019 Fixture list  Here

Previous season 2017/18 Results

Final League Tables  

130.4 KiB

Race 1 –  Delancey Short,   Sat 14th October 2pm     Roundup & Results

Race 2-  Stonecrusher Short, Sat 4th November 2pm   Roundup & Results

Race 3 – Delancey Reverse(Long), Sat 2nd  December 2pm Roundup & Results

Race 4- Stonecrusher Long,  Sat 16th December 2pm   info Roundup & Results

Race 5- Home Farm, Finale, Sat 20th January 2pm  Roundup & Results



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