The Club stages events under UKA Athletics Rules – these can be accessed via the UKA website

Special attention is bought to the following out of stadium competition rules (road, XC & trail):

• The wearing of any type of headphone is NOT permitted in any event (including road, cross country or trail) organised by Guernsey Athletics Club. Failure to observe this rule will result in exclusion from the results. Our events are held in public areas, paths and roads and where marshals may need to convey information to athletes. In the interests of safety it is necessary for athletes to have full awareness of the surrounding traffic, marshals, other road and path users or indeed other competitors.

Numbers or “Bibs”
• Numbers must be worn by ALL competitors, on the FRONT of the running top.
• Numbers must not be folded, cut or mutilated in any other way.
• They should be attached so as to be clearly visible.
• Where a Medical Information Template is printed on the reverse of the number this should be completed with your emergency information.
• Numbers MUST NOT be swapped between entrants except through official channels or with the prior consent of the Race Organiser.
Athletes who receive the swapped number will be disqualified from the results and both athletes run the risk of jeopardising their entry into future events.

Road Races
• Runners MUST run on the left hand side of the road. Most Guernsey Athletics Club road races will be run on roads open to traffic and measured on the left hand side. Crossing the centre line, running on the right or switching sides in search of the fastest route UNLESS otherwise advised puts the athlete in danger and constitutes running shorter than the designated measured route, for which the athlete will risk disqualification.
• The courses are designed to minimise right hand turns across traffic. Any such turns will be marshalled and you MUST obey the marshals’ instructions.
• During any race briefing it is courteous to both the organisers and other runners, and advantageous for your own safety, to keep silence  and pay attention.
• Runners must not be accompanied by a personally owned or controlled dog in any road race, with the exception of correctly registered and identifiable medical assistance dogs subject to approval from the Race Director.
• If you retire from the race you must make every effort to report having done so to the Race Organiser.