The Club stages events under UKA Athletics Rules – these can be accessed via the UKA website

Special attention is bought to out of stadium competition rules(road, XC & trail) :-

Road – Races are generally organised to run on Left hand side of road on courses designed to minimise right hand turns across traffic.   Unless you are specifically advised otherwise please run on the left.   On roads open to traffic do not switch sides in search of the shortest route.

Headphones – Our events are held in public areas, paths & roads. It is often necessary for marshalls to convey information to athletes. or for athletes to have full awareness of the surrounding traffic, other road/path users or indeed other competitors. For this reason we do not allow use of headphones in competition.   Headphone wearers risk being excluded from results.

Numbers or “Bibs” – Are to be worn on the front of vest or Shirt. Please pin so they are clearly visible.