Track etiquette

Track etiquette

If you are new to running on a track then here’s some guidance on general etiquette so we can all share the space safely and without getting into each other’s way.  Thanks to Louise Perrio for these words.

Inside Lanes:

Please don’t warm up or warm down using lane.  Warming up or down would ideally be done around the outside edge of the track (or on the grassy fields when there is light) or on the roads – at night make sure you have Hi viz etc.

Please don’t walk, amble, meander or stand around aimlessly in lane one/the inside lanes between reps or sets (a session like the 20×200/200 counts as 1 continuous rep).  There are two reasons for this:

  1. Courtesy to other athletes using the track – imagine our reaction if sprinters were bent over double/standing around in recovery in lane one when endurance runners are doing mile reps
  2. The inside lanes suffer the highest volume of footfall during racing and training, and this is worst on the inside of lane one.   As tracks get older this does become apparent, both visibly and in underfoot feel. So we are preserving our own training and racing area by not using it unless it is necessary to do so.

Young athletes doing distance reps in the inside lane have as much right to be there as older ones. Very often, especially given we that we don’t have a kerb, they will kindly move off the track on the inside for us but we should certainly not be forcing or expecting them to do this. We can manage to go round them.

Finishing an effort / repetition  / run…

Run through the line (stopping dead on or immediately after it causes problems for members of a group behind you) and try to move off the track quickly, becareful not to cut up runners you just overtake by peeling off onto the inside and if you peel off to the outisde beware of faster athletes about to overtake you!

Alerting athletes to incoming runners:

Yell ‘track‘ or ‘lane 1/2/3/4/5/ 6 – depending on which you are using’ IN GOOD TIME.

If you hear this – look around you quickly and be prepared to move smartly if you are in the way (which hopefully you won’t be because you won’t be standing around in the wrong lane, see above 😉 )

If there are lots of athletes approaching spread over many lanes it is probably best to stand still and face the incoming athletes and let them run round you.