Volunteer Strategy

Endurance Events Volunteer Strategy

We wish to promote the ethos that GAC Endurance and Middle-Distance Athletes should lead by example when it comes to race volunteering. We hope to generate the perception from outside this group of togetherness and willingness to support our Club and team mates. By doing so, we hope to encourage people from outside the group to continue to support us.

We will continue to welcome offers from outside the groups above e.g. Other Club members, friends and family etc, but should not expect these people to do all the work for us. We will recognise the contribution from all volunteers.

Where practicable, the expectation is that all relevant Club members (Endurance and Middle-Distance Runners over-18) will volunteer for two events per six month ‘season’. Allowances and exceptions can be made for students and members with extenuating circumstances.

Using a simple points system, where you score two for being a Race Organiser and one for any other volunteer spot, we offer the chance to win the following:

London Marathon entry for one person. Only available to volunteers who are already Club members but can be exchanged for a ‘lesser’ prize or ‘gifted’ to another person (who must be a Club member who has also volunteered within the relevant timeframe)
Free GAC membership for a year
Various other goodies

All incentives (with the exception of the London Marathon berth) are also available for volunteers from outside of GAC.

A maximum of four points will be allocated to an individual for any single race, allocated as follows:

o   Race Organisation (Max. 2 points). For all aspects of race administration including resource recruitment and allocation. If Race Organisation is shared by two people then this will accrue one point per person, with a maximum of two Race Organisers permitted per event.

o   Set Up / Take Down (1 point). Course set up, course take down, canteen, equipment management

o   Race Assistance (1 point). Marshalling, timekeeping, sign in, announcing, race brief, results generation

NB: Directors/Endurance Sub Committee Members are excluded from receiving prizes.

The intention is NOT to impose sanctions at all if possible, but to use the point system to recognise high performers and reward them, but also highlight where people are not meeting the expectations set by the Club.

Following the success of the 2018/19 season, the system will run once more from the start of the cross country series (19 October 2019) – offers to assist can be made via the google form here