ZEDRA Super 6

ZEDRA Super 6

Super 6 is back for another year thanks to support from Zedra! RANKINGS ARE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD HERE

This event that was first created back in 2006/2007 to offer a form of competitive athletics to secondary schools during the winter months and returned to the school calendar in 2018-19. Whether you participate in athletics or not the physical qualities that helps develop a good athlete are transferable across a range a sports so there is likely to be an event that is for you and it will help your sport too!  

Strength, power, speed and endurance are measured through the four disciplines which are…

The Sprint: flying 10metres (with a 5metre run up) measured using electronic timing gates.

The Jump: The standing broad jump aka standing long jump.

The Throw: the overhead medicine ball throw. Girls will use a 3kg ball, boys a 4kg ball. 

Endurance: is tested via a 15metre bleep test to test participants endurance by maintain a tempo which increases at each level..

RELAY: (at the final only) The Zedra Super 6 final will also include a school mixed gender shuttle relay.

Guernsey Athletics will be coming into all secondary schools and offer two fixtures for the four events to participating students. Fixtures one will be held during November or December and fixtures two in either January or February with the Zedra Super 6 final being held at Les Beaucamps High School on Monday 2nd March.

The aim of the two fixtures is to enable participants to try and improve on their first fixture performances whether that be for personal improvement or to try and make the Super 6… The Super 6 are the top 6 ranked participants in each of the 4 disciplines (there will be separate rankings for boys and girls and also for school years 7 and 8 respectively).

All participants will receive branded item(s) courtesy of Zedra and the chance to win one of the more lucrative prizes for the best time, distance or stage achieve in each of the 4 events at the Super 6 final. Prizes yet tbc but hopefully something that all participants will consider worth winning.

Keep an eye on those rankings across the winter months!

ZEDRA Super 6 Final Results
ZEDRA Super 6 Final Results
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