06 Sep

End of season break

Last weekend was the final fixture of the 2016 Track & Field season.

To signify the end of the season and impending start of 2016-17 winter training (and cross country for some athletes) – there will be a two week break for the majority of training groups within the club.

The only exceptions will be with some of the performance orientated groups where individual coaches will have their own requirements for their athletes and will communicate these directly to them. Endurance coaches will also communicate with their athletes via the established Facebook groups or email if they wish to target the early autumn cross countries and thus need to keep training at this point.

The next official club training session will be Tuesday 20th September. This should see athletes and coaches return invigorated from the short break and also allows school-aged athletes to settle back into the routine of the school week without the added time pressure of training.

Please note – colts details will be made available on their dedicated website


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