28 Nov

Chertsey House 5 Mile

After a good Cross Country victory last weekend Dave Emery took his form to the roads and won a well fought 5 Mile race from Carl Holden and Jason James.  (images Phil Nicolle).

In another hard fought battle Liz Dudin held her form to the line to stave off a strong finish from Louise Smith and finish leading woman

Reigning Chertsey House age graded champion Sean Galpin started the series with another graded win. The 52 year old edging ever nearer the 30 minute barrier with a personal best of 30 minutes 17 seconds in 10th place overall.

The 73 strong field met with headwinds from the L’Ancresse start and it wasn’t until the runners passed the 2 mile point that they fully felt the easterly tailwind between Vale Castle and the Bridge. At this point Emery, Holden and James were joined by Ed Mason with triathlete Ben Creasey just behind.   Mason and Creasey dropped off during the next mile and Emery took the intitiative with a mile and a half remaining.

The field was missing the likes of Mike Wilesmith, Matt Loveridge and Mike Batiste whereas Mason has still to find his best racing form but nothing can be taken from the podium finishers as they all broke the 27 minute barrier and posted times that would see them near the 33 minute barrier for 10k.   Emery proved again that once he gets a sniff of the finish line he is a tough man to beat and ultimately drew out a ten second margin on Holden to cross the line in 26 minutes 33 seconds, James was a further four seconds behind in third.

In an even closer finish to the women’s placing  Dudin held off Smith by a mere second to finish in 34 minutes and 4 seconds Megan Chapple was only 10 seconds behind the winner in third.


Chertsey5m 271116 Xls
Chertsey5m 271116 Xls
124.2 KiB

Age graded Result:- 

Chertsey5m AG 271116 Xls
Chertsey5m AG 271116 Xls
135.7 KiB



Thanks to Helpers & Officials Mel Nicolle, Phil Nicolle, Michael Way, Simon Ingrouille, Debbie Guillou
, Paula Ingrouille, Jenny James, Chris O’Neill, Gemma Le Sauvage, Chantal Green, Laura McCarthy, Wendy Ensink, Brian Holden and Toby Grice.




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