FNB Cross Country Series

FNB Cross Country Series

Popular League based cross country event for runners of all standards.  4 races spread from October 2019 through to January 2020.  Runners split into divisions after race 2 to ensure good (friendly) but competitive running and racing through the field.   3 Races from 4 count towards league score – premium points for finale race.  

Entry available on the day but to avoid queues pre-entrants and new entrants can collect numbers 5:30-7:30 Pm. Thursday 17th October. Garenne Stand, Footes Lane.

Final 2019/20 standings – after 4 races(including discard) :-

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Event Schedule

Sat Oct 19th 2pm – L’ancresse StoneCrusher 3m/2m – Report&Results

Sat Nov 9th 2pm – Delancey  Report&Results

Sat Nov 30th 2pm – Bordeaux (new course)  Report&Results

Sunday Jan 19th 11am (Colts 10am) – Footes Lane Finale – Report&Results

Full 2020 Fixture list  Here

Not able to run but want to be involved ?  Volunteer Here

Juniors ?  –   An appropriate distance 2m event starting at same time as adults is available for U15s & U13s.  U15s may compete over 3mile distances as an option within the adult event(please seek coach advice).  Younger juniors are catered for by U11 (school yrs 5&6) , U9 (schl. yrs 4&5)  & U7 (schl  yrs 2&3) – normally held after the adult event but please check individual fixtures.

For more details of divisions and junior distances see Here


Divisions & Junior Distances.

As the series progresses runners will be split into divisions

Adults – It is intended that Division 1 is for “Island level men and National level women” with Guideline standard of sub 18 minute 5k after the first race this division will extend to 4m then to 6 miles.

Division 2, 3 and 4are intended for guideline 18 minute – 22 minute 5k runners after the first race these divisions will normally race over 4 miles.

Division 5,6 & 7 are intended for 5k runners slower than 22 minutes and these divisions will race over 3 miles through the series.

Juniors U13 age-group upwards start at the same time as the adults. U13s compete at 2 miles only. U15s may compete over 2 or 3 miles (max) within the adult event. U17s may compete at 3 or 4 miles. If you are unsure of which distance would be best for you, please consult your coach.

ALL Although some divisions will extend in distance through the series runners must stay in the distance relavent for their division for 3 of the 4 races in order to be counted in the league and for division placings.



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