Warm weather running advice

Warm weather running advice

Your health and safety is foremost in our minds and accordingly we have put together the following advice concerning running in warm weather.

The forecast for Sunday presently suggests 16 degrees Celsius, a WSW Wind . The temperature is the temperature in the shade. In direct sun it will be warmer.

All athletes are advised to seek professional medical advice if they have any health concerns regarding their participation in the race.

General guidance and advice :


Ensure that you are well hydrated before you get to the start line. Maintain good hydration during the day prior to competition and on the morning of the race from waking until the start. Sip little and often. Pale or straw coloured urine is a good indication of proper hydration. Be careful not to over drink on plain water as this can also have serious and even fatal consequences. Electrolyte drinks such as Lucozade Sport, or through electrolyte tablets added to water such as High5 Zero ( will help ensure that your essential salts are maintained as these are lost in sweating and if you over drink on plain water. These and similar brands are available in places like Blacks and Ian Brown’s Cycles.

Particularly in warm conditions, but a good rule in any case, is to take water offered at the early aid stations – do not wait until you feel thirsty as then it is too late. Continue to take drinks throughout the race.


Should ttrong UV levels be predicted it will be important to protect the skin from excessive sun exposure. High factor sweat resistant sun cream will be beneficial. A lightweight running cap can also help protect the face and be helpful in protecting the head from excessive heating by the sun. Be particularly careful not to get sun burnt the day before the race as damaged skin will be uncomfortable for running and can impair sweating.


Your body needs to be able to cool effectively and this is best achieved where sweat can evaporate from the skin, helped by air flowing over your body. Wear a singlet (vest) and shorts as this enable air to freely circulate around the tops of the arms, arm pits, shoulders and legs. Avoid dark coloured clothes that will absorb the heat of the sun, choose light coloured clothes that will reflect the sun’s rays. Choose clothing made for running especially with specific technical fabrics which aid breathability and evaporation. (See local stockists such as Fletcher’s Sports who stock running specific clothing.) Avoid heavy cottons which get soaked with sweat and inhibit cooling. Also these materials can rub and cause sores. The following page published by the Australian Government provides further guidance on heat and UV guidelines.

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