Island Records U23M & U23W

Island Records U23M & U23W

Clockwise from Top left (Sarah Mercier, Dale Garland, Kylie Robilliard, Keith Falla).

Prompted by contact from a Czech statistician we have put a bit of work into getting the Guernsey Under 23 records together.  It was good to have a chance to review performances going back nearly 50 years. (see disclaimer below performance tables).

In line with the request we have listed the best performances by persons aged 20,21 or 22 on Dec 31st of the year of the performance. We seem to recall this age group once being called “Euro Junior”.

Where performances by athletes in younger age groups are superior to the best U23 performance these have also been listed.

Under 23 Records     
EventAthletePerformanceVenuePerformance DateDOB
60 mtrs(i)Josh Allaway7.02sBirmingham16.02.141992
100 mtrsCameron Chalmers10.77 secsFootes Lane08.07.181997
200 mtrsDale Garland22.01sPortmouth,UK11.05.021980
400 mtrsCameron Chalmers45.64secBedford, UK18.06.171997
600 mtrsCameron Chalmers77.26sFootes Lane, Guernsey28.04.191997
800 mtrsKeith Falla1min50.2Edinburgh18.07.701948
1500 mtrsKeith Falla3min53.9Crystal Palace,UK17.06.691948
3000 mtrsDan Galpin8min52.11(i)Sheffield18.2.181998
3000 mtrsEd Mason (U17)8:48.78Bedford30.08.151999
5000 mtrsKeith Falla14min38.8Crystal Palace,UK14.10.701948
3000 m S/CLee Garland9min30.00Loughborough11.06.951974
110 mtrs HurdlesLeo Rice15.46sSandown, IOW28.06.111991
400 mtrs HurdlesAlastair Chalmers49.87sFootes Lane, Guernsey26.06.202000
Long JumpDale Garland7m25Isle of Man10.07.011980
High JumpPhil Diamond2m06FB Fields, Jersey09.09.951974
Triple JumpDale Garland14m48Isle of Man10.07.011980
Pole VaultDale Garland3m55Manchester28.07.021980
DiscusSimon Burdett44m76Southampton,UK07.04.911971
ShotJames Menhenitt12m29Gibraltar17.07.951974
JavelinJames Menhenitt60m92FB Fields, Jersey09.09.951974
HammerJames Menhenitt45m80Footes Lane, Guernsey14.9.961974
DecathlonDale Garland6919ptsManchester28.07.021980
10,000m Walk TrackJason Le Noury49min41.0Footes Lane, Guernsey15.03.091988
10k Road WalkRobert Elliott46min26St. Sampsons-St.Peter Port08.06.801959
20k Road WalkRobert Elliott1hr36min27St. Sampsons30.04.811959
U23 W Records     
EventAthletePerformanceVenuePerformacne DateAthlete DOB
60 mtrs(i)Abi Galpin7.74sCardiff19.1.202000
100 mtrsAbi Galpin12.19sFootes Lane02.08.201988
200 mtrsAbi Galpin24.60secFootes Lane02.08.202000
400 mtrsKimberley Goodall56.81sJarrow, UK22.6.051983
600 mtrs
600 mtrsSarah Hume(u20)1 min 40.7Footes Lane02.06.051986
800 mtrsKatie Rowe2min15.31Gibraltar12.07.191997
1500 mtrsSarah Mercier4min31.74Solihull,UK21.07.121990
3000 mtrsSarah Mercier10min04.62Footes Lane, Guernsey12.04.111990
3000 mtrsSarah Mercier(u20)10 mins 04.25Footes lane23.05.091990
5000 mtrsSarah Mercier17:32.95Footes Lane, Guernsey05.09.121990
3000mtrs SCSarah Mercier(u20)11 min 58.2Footes lane24.09.091990
60 mtrs Hurdles(i)Kylie Robilliard8.46sLoughborough, UK13.12.081988
100 mtrs HurdlesKylie Robilliard13.68sBirmingham, UK20.07.081988
400 mtrs HurdlesJay Peet64.01sSandown,IOW05.07.931971
Long JumpKimberley Goodall5m77Manchester, UK18.06.051983
High JumpErica Bodman1m50Oxford, UK17.05.081988
High JumpErica Bodman(u20)1.66 mtrsGateshead07.7.061988
Triple JumpKimberley Goodall11m42Blackpool, UK07.8.051983
Pole Vault
DiscusEmma King32m96Portsmouth, UK13.05.011981
DiscusEmma King(u20)36.41 mtrsPortsmouth09.05.981981
ShotEmma King10m66Portsmouth, UK13.05.011981
ShotGemma Tingay(u20)11.98mtrsRhodes05.07.071989
JavelinZoe Fitch41m38Berkeley Calif04.03.171997
HammerEmma King39m58Portsmouth, UK13.05.011981
HammerEmma King(u20)42m02Footes Lane02.07.001981
10k Road WalkJayne Le Noury1hr11min15St. Sampsons-St.Peter Port29.04.821960

Disclaimer – these are the best performances we could find. If there are any errors or omissions please contact  If a superior performance is known please provide details of athlete, venue & date of the performance.  Special thanks to Ray Hollis who provided much of the original data.