Junior Endurance

The Junior Endurance group focusses on those athletes attracted to the running disciplines of athletics and provides structured training for these athletes. We encourage the athletes to also do sessions with the power and technical events group – short sprints, hurdles, jumps and throws to enable the athletes to develop in a more rounded fashion, specialising at a later time.

We also cater for those endurance athletes who have abilities over the longer sprints 300mtrs and 400mtrs as well as providing an introduction to steeplechase for the older juniors. Consequently training is varied and we break down into smaller groups dependant on athlete ability and event focus. From time to time older athletes participate in sessions with seniors in the middle distance and endurance group – under the supervision of a Junior Endurance coach.

Plenty of competition opportunities exist for all standards throughout the year on track, road and off road.

Ages: 11 – 18, All Standards


Alan Rowe – Head Coach & Performance Group(including senior middle distance)

JP Bisson – Development Group. Intermediate age and standard.

Alun Williams – Progression group, mainly younger members.

Paul Ingrouille – General assistance across groups/Steeplechase.

Training Times

Tuesdays & Thursdays – Footes Lane 6:00pm
Saturdays – Usually for u17’s and higher aiming u15’s – as announced but normally 10am.

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